Introduction by Medysun7 – Part 1


As I begin writing this post I think back for a bit and reflect. Images of my experiences slide across my mind like a motion picture. I worked very hard to be in the position I’m in right now. Before I continue I would like to say first and foremost that Laa ilaha illa Allah! Nothing in this existence is worthy of praises and worship except Allah, God Almighty.

It’s been a long journey however I’m still here moving strong and moving on. In life everything is here for us, whatever we desire or want we can obtain. It’s up to us, if we have the heart, hunger and will to get it. There’s always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow after the rain. Spiritually we’re aware of it and physically we can feel it. The choice is ours, we cannot be afraid.

I was taught as a child to live everyday like it is my last and plan like I will live forever. That’s some serious wisdom and fundamentals to abide by, I respect and love the elders that guided me. I always considered myself to be a special soul here to help the world, it’s just how I always felt deep down and up. I don’t claim to be perfect or “better” than the next, I just feel that it’s important to take care of business and handle my affairs. At the end of the day Allah sees everything, I need his favor and guidance. My parents are religious and have strong principles. They are the souls whom brought me here, I have the utmost respect, love and happiness for their existence, Subconscious Earthly Angels.

Although my parent separated then later divorced when I was child, at the age of 7. Divorce is wack, yeah I said, especially when there are children involved, we suffer the most. I said “we” because we all began our human developmental experience as children. As we grow outside influences and ideas shapes our perception of life. What we take in is beneficial and detrimental, we use our natural disposition towards Love to balance our development.

I was initiated as a traveler at the age of 8 when I moved to the Island of Bermuda during the spring of 1986. It was official, I was the only child out of 5 back then living with my Father.  A city boy/ sheltered Muslim youth living on a 24 square mile island, surrounded by water, what the BLEEP!!! Overall I had a great childhood, there were good days and there were very bad days but that’s another story lol…. To Be Continued……


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