My mix-tapes are stages, I’m not looking for commercial support for my mix-tape, I know they will bring me commercial  (COMMERCE) success for my future artistic projects. I share my view of the world by balancing society as I live and see it. These stories are not only mine, they’re also the stories of the people in my life, the experiences, situations and circumstances we all go through.

My stories are interesting and a lot have quadruple plus meaning because I live in a world shared with people and their personalities and emotions. Growing up I had to use my mind to balance out the physical hardships of life. Although I grew up in Harlem during the crack epidemic in the 80’s and 90’s, I experience the repression of an entire inner city community. I later learned that it was part of a design to keep a particular “ethnic” group of people. That group is constantly targeted and has been targeted since they were forced into servitude. I’m by no means separating myself from my people by speaking of them in the third person plural. It’s a certain mind state that was created during the process of the American Slave Trade which is the continuation of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

In the world today we have a lot of distractions that deter us from obtaining the true success we were put here to acquire. Most people accept these distractions, to each it’s own. I don’t impose my beliefs and principles on people, and I don’t allow people to impose theirs on me. To you be your way to me be mine.

In summary to humanity, don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes if you do, don’t hate on the next that don’t fall for the okiedoke.

PS you can never steal another person’s shine, your shine is different from my shine, we all shine…



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