About Medysun7

medysun7Medysun7 is on the road to be one of hip-hops new-school visionaries and plans take hip-hop and rap to new and electrifying levels. Medysun7 is a valued emcee, devoted to his music, with a passion for life, culture, social consciousness and a desire to edutain (educate and entertain) and create moods, which will surely fortify his place in musical history.

Born in Harlem, New York, Medysun7 grew up at the center of hip-hops golden era of the 1980’s. Inspired by legendary emcees of the time (Rakim, KRS One, Big Daddy Kane, Run DMC), Medysun7 began rhyming and writing songs at the tender age of eleven. He moved to the islands of Bermuda at a young age where he was exposed to the rhythms and lyrics of foundation and dancehall reggae, which also had a major part in inspiring his musical knowledge.  

Encouraged by his brother in law (Faheem the Elemental), Medysun7 became part of his group R.A.C.E. He later signed to the record label Earthquake Entertainment, the independent label owned by his brother in law. On their first record – ‘Sins of the World released in 2000, Medysun7 talent was clear to see – exhibiting his entire gift as a lyricist and ability to motivate the crowd. The group stepped on the underground scene and made a name for themselves amongst the top underground emcees such as; Immortal Technique, Percy P, Breeze Eva Flowin, C Rayz Wallz, Poison Pen, Jin the MC (former Ruff Ryder battle artist). “I learned a lot from these guys. I learned what it meant and what it took to be an emcee/hustler/an entrepreneur. They’re still in the game making moves because that’s what it takes to make your dreams a reality.

The breaks were stepped on when his son was born prematurely in 2004. A year later Medysun7 returned to the studio to record the next R.A.C.E. album with F the Elemental in 2005. The following year his son passed away which caused him to fall back and re-evaluate his life. “When life hit you with the death of a child there’s no way one can rebound the next day or even the following month. I knew I had to fall back and clear my mind and seek higher guidance.” Eager to get back into the music Medysun7 knew that he had to work hard and make moves right away to clear his mind and prepare himself for his next step. He went on an eight month hiatus to the islands of Bermuda then to the Kingdom of Morocco in Africa. His younger brother (Abdul-Qaadir a.k.a. Dullah) encouraged him to get back on his music game and offered to manage his musical affairs. “Honestly, if it wasn’t for Dullah giving me the support I needed I would have probably given up the music. He was that final pillar that held me up.”

After nine years from his first release with the group R.A.C.E. Medysun7 returned to the studio and is now working on his solo debut album. His mix tape Total Eclipse can be downloaded on Datpiff.com. Medysun7 is currently working on organizing showcases and exhibitions in various communities for charity. “Community work is part of my mission as artist. I feel if I rap about what goes on in our community is only right and logical to give back to the source of our inspiration. Hip Hop is here forever!”


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